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Statement Storage in Homes

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Imagine a home without storage space, wading through a sea of clutter each time you enter the house. Well, the thought itself is scary. However while storage is indispensable in a home, it can actually add to the overall décor of your home.


Creativity Matters

Having the right ideas and correct furniture can transform the nook into an important part of a home. Ishan Thacker, Associate Director, Vector Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd. says, “if there is a hollow space below a stairway or a compact corner in the living room or bedroom, it can be easily converted into a home office. Depending on the space, a small desk with a few drawers and a chair can be added.” Creative storage is characterised by functional yet elegant looking spaces. Baaya Design has beautiful baskets that are colourful and great space savers. “These baskets are an absolute saviour when a friend drops by unexpectedly – just one swoop and all clutter is tucked away neatly in the basket and yet looks like a decor accessory instead an eye sore,” says Shibani Dasgupta Jain, Founder and CEO, Baaya Design. Vaishnavipratima, Owner Vaishnavipratima Interiors Studio adds, “coffee tables, trunks, ottomans, side table cases, chest of drawers are examples with storage and high decor value which add character to a design and become important part of overall decor.”


Space Savers

Paucity of space is a major issue for small spaces, especially in the metros and big cities. An innovative idea is to fill in any sort of empty space is a major boom in tackling the space crunch. “To begin with one can try using chests and decorative boxes with storage as an iconic center table. Further, making display racks on empty walls is also an innovative and stylish mode of showcasing your collectibles. Using beds with boxes or with full storage is a practical way to utilize every inch of space,” says Ankur Shingal, Managing Partner, Ansavv Inc. Likewise, think outside the box to ask yourself if there unused parts of your home that could be used more creatively to store your favourite things? “Don’t feel restricted by the standard types of storage available, such as boring rectangular wooden bookshelves. There are so many more exciting options available in the market today, with style influences coming from Europe where intelligent storage has reached to new levels,” advices Jade Davies, CEO & Interior Designer, MKM Luxe Suisse. Limited overall space in a home means limited space for storage. “Storage needs to look attractive too; we can play with solid colours and quirky designs to make the corner look more attractive and storage friendly. Cladding with reflective materials will make these look lighter,” says Punam Kalra, Creative Director, I’m, The Centre for Applied Arts.


Get Real

So how do you store right? For starters, install colourful small cube or rectangular shelf units without doors along unutilised walls. “Attach slim wire baskets to the backs of doors separating the various rooms; these can be used to store stuff. Utilise the space between two cupboards, or between the cupboard and the adjoining wall, with shelves to store books and journals. Opt for additional storage through drawers installed in the sides of the bed,” says Pankaj Poddar, Co-founder, Hipcouch. Paryanka Bakhai Beria, Co-Founder of Atman Architects avers, “storage can be easily designed as wall paneling without handle openings, especially in niches and these are closed ones that act as paneling in walls.” The key to keeping a home clutter-free and beautiful is storage space. Shezaan Bhojani, Architect & Interior Designer & Founder, Design Café says, “embrace out-in-the-open storage options. Instead of using cabinets and sideboards to store books and knick-knacks, install wall-mounted floating shelves that allow you to display all the artefacts without occupying any floor space. These make the room look lighter and attractive without making the space look smaller.” Storage is and should always be a primary requirement for every home from wardrobes to chest of drawers to bookshelves. “The most creative storage nook is to mix it up with elements of one’s emotion to the decor. It could be a picture frame, a decor element, plants, books and even antiques to give a vibrant and multicultural aspect to the storage space,” says Alok Duggal, COO, Homestudio.com. So make the most of your home and remember store right!


Do’s & Don’t’s

  • Use floating shelves to take advantage of vertical wall space.
  • Use drawers on the sides of the bed, and the inside of a bed, for storage.
  • Use hanging rails and baskets suspended from the walls in bathrooms.
  • Use modular shelving for tight corners and small spaces.
  • A floor-to-ceiling closet can be created by simple using rods and shelves along any wall.
  • Opt for sofas that have built-in storage and a sleek design.
  • Invest in smaller, circular tables that take up less space as compared to rectangular designs.

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