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Heritage Reflections an art show by K. Hiremath is an ongoing art show in Bengaluru that will virtually take you to Hampi, Banaras and Nepal.

Born in a small village in North Karnataka, Kudalayya Hiremath is today ranked as one of the top 50 water colour artists in the world. An alumnus of Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, he works with water colours as his medium of expression and his forte lies in portraits, landscapes and suggestive abstracts. A travel buff he loves to paint at the heritage sites and capture its true essence.


His new show that has 13 works on display is a solo exhibition showcasing a curated selection of his paintings documenting his travels to three heritage sites in Hampi, Banaras and Nepal. “I believe that every citizen of India has a duty to maintain its heritage and culture. Being a painter, heritage monuments always keep inspiring me and this is continuously and progressively reflected in my art. I have experienced this at these heritage sites myself that I want to string together as flowers in a necklace that reflects history. This is also part of our culture and heritage. Moreover, heritage monuments have always inspired my creations. It gives me time to reflect on my own spiritual journey as well,” says Hiremath.

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