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Street Style Guide For Weddings

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Comfort is a key aspect of clothing, and it is key on your wedding day and why should grooms be left behind? To enjoy your wedding, you can add an element of fun and blend street style with your traditional clothes.

• Swap out your dull black or grey blazers for some vibrant colours like yellow, pink, or light blue; possibly adding some embroidered patches will up the blazer’s glam aspect.

• You can also make the most of a pool party by bringing some style with you by wearing a patterned, casual, and cosy co-ord. The tone can be set with a straightforward pair of mules or slides that have a few buttons undone. Add a few more accessories, including bracelets, rings, and sunglasses, to complete the outfit.

REDFOX by Baca Bucci
REDFOX by Baca Bucci

• When selecting an outfit for a formal occasion, bomber jackets aren’t the first thing that come to mind. What men don’t realise is that, when worn properly, bomber jackets can be a terrific accent to any formal attire. Your personalised wedding bomber jacket will become a precious souvenir that you’ll frequently pull out of your closet and can wear at the after-party, unlike any wedding buy, which is worn only once. Bomber jackets make the ideal formal outfit when worn with a sophisticated, cropped-at-the-ankle pair of trousers and a shirt. Make sure to keep the colours neutral to offer a little more detail.

• Although it may seem odd, some suits are made to be worn with shoes to increase the glitz, but without a doubt, swap out your oxfords for some sneakers. When playing with the sneaker-suit combo, there are no set guidelines to follow. Select a dapper suit and pair it with your preferred footwear to create the best-looking street style.

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