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Subodh Kerkar – an Interview

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Artist Subodh Kerkar, a Goan painter, installation artist and painter is also using Gandhi to make sense of the current turmoil in the country.

Are Gandhian principles relevant in today’s time? Well this is a question that can have diagrammatically opposite answers but is a question that can be debated and argued from both sides. Considering the present unrest in the country this was a topic that came up for discussion at the fifth edition of the Kerala Literature Festival held at Kozikode. And Subodh Kerkar addressed this and more in his session aptly titled ‘Mahatma through the Arts.’

Pillars of nation's conscience
Pillars of nation’s conscience

“I am very disturbed with what is happening in this country as has been polarization of people on religious grounds, which has been ongoing for a while now. Initially this angered me very much and I decided that I should propagate more proactive ideas so I started studying Gandhi. And I must admit that Gandhi has helped me tremendously to understand the situation in the country and also cope with it. So I basically have started propagating Gandhi’s ideas which I believe has a great role in educating people and stopping the degradation and polarization of our society.” Incidentally Kerkar has been working with Gandhi for a long time and has created works connected with Gandhi and also been speaking on Gandhi in many forums including in schools and colleges.

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