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Summer Drinks of India

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With the mercury levels rising, it is time to look at traditional drinks from across India that work as summer coolers and some of which also have an immunity edge.

With its diverse culinary geography, India’s rich history with food and drink makes it like no other. Even as the second wave of COVID-19 hits the country amid the peak summer season, here are some seasonal health drinks that you must try.

Sattu - Roopashree Sharma
Sattu – Roopashree Sharma

Ragi Ambli
Sattu Sherbet
Nannari Sherbet
Jigar Thanda
Taal/Nongu Sherbet
Imli ka Amalana
Green Lady
Mango Lassi
Pyar Mohabbat Ka Sharbat

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2 thoughts on “Summer Drinks of India

  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe, here are some of the health benefits of Sattu –

    – It is very light, easily digestible and provides instant energy.
    – Good for those who suffer from Vatha (gas) related problems.
    – It’s low glycemic index makes it suitable for diabetics by regulating blood sugar and blood pressure.
    – The combination of calcium and magnesium in sattu makes it excellent for bone health and helps in treatment of osteoporosis.

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