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Sun Shades for Your Abode

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A variety of sun shades are helping homes escape the harsh rays of the sun while adding an aesthetic element to building exteriors.

Sun shades are basically used for protection from sun rays while ensuring the natural energy from the sun is used in the interiors. Shading devices can typically have a dramatic impact on building appearance and need to balance energy considerations with aesthetics.

Store Front courtesy DIOC IN & CO
Store Front courtesy DIOC IN & CO

Well-designed sun control and shading devices can balance light and heat requirements in a building. Projection angle, depth, and placement of sunshades according to the orientation of building effects the efficiency of the sunshades. Shading effects and daylighting should be considered simultaneous. The projection depth and considerable height have an impact on the continuous daylight typically received by the space.

Sun shading has always been a part of contemporary architecture. Due to the increasing awareness of climate change and carbon footprint of buildings, most clients today prefer green-rated buildings with innovative design, be it an office or a residence.

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