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Sustainable Fashion

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As the world moves towards all things ecologically sensitive, vegan and natural, fashion cannot be far behind.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world and hence this is where a difference can be made. Fashion is not just about clothing but also accessories – whether it is bags, shoes and jewellery.

ReLive Knits_recycled plastic bottle
ReLive Knits_recycled plastic bottle

Using natural fabrics, following ethical sourcing are di rigueur to sustainable clothing.  There is a growing realization of patronage for homegrown brands and buying local and looking inwards is becoming the new trend.

Being close to nature is a choice that has come to the forefront especially in the post Corona days. Conscious choices as far as sustainable fashion is concerned is the need of the hour, even as the perils of fast fashion become increasingly obvious.

Mens Arctic Cross Bracelet
Mens Arctic Cross Bracelet

Sustainability in fashion is not limited to clothes alone. You must check off the right boxes as far as your shoes, jewellery, bags, and other accessories are concerned.

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