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Sustainable in Fashion

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Sustainability in fashion is no longer just a buzzword as brands focus on making the industry sensitive to the environment.

Sustainability is an important area to focus on for the clothing industry There are efforts being made to adopt sustainable apparel manufacturing. Sustainability is all about keeping it simple and classic and preserves our clothing for a longer time. 

Sustainability for a brand is basically creating their products in a way that leaves no/minimum negative footprint. There is no one way to make clothes sustainable.

Courtesy Style Island
Courtesy Style Island

Natural fabric like cotton is the most used and is almost perfect for clothing as it holds strong yet lightweight and breathable properties. It is also easy to recycle and can quickly be turned into new garments. Hemp, organic linen created from the flex plant that is highly versatile and easy to grow are also popular.

Sustainably produced garments may be higher priced but these clothes last long and sustain more thus being a money saving practice in a long-term scenario.

People are also becoming more aware of where their clothes are coming from, whether the brand can be trusted, and if the manufacturing is done ethically. Ethical fashion should be both environmentally friendly and fair. Local production in fair facilities not only guarantees ethical working conditions but also reduces transport and the associated CO2 emissions.

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