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Sustainable Packaging

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As the entire ecosystem continues its progression towards greener solutions, an ongoing challenge remains the lack of infrastructure and availability of raw materials in the market. While the cost of plastic packaging alternatives initially surpasses that of traditional options, strategic investments are being made, leading to positive strides in cost reduction.

Nevertheless, a thorough cost-benefit analysis reveals a favorable long-term outcome, which is likely to sway companies towards adopting more sustainable solutions.

Moreover, the growing support and implementation of various government initiatives aimed at enhancing infrastructure further contributes to the gradual competitiveness of green solutions. Cost of aseptic cartons are comparable to PET packaging, having said that, cost also depends on volume sizes and closures which add a significant part to the overall cost of the packaging.

There is a need to prioritize supply chain automation, digital tracking, authentication, and RFID technology to streamline operations and eliminate paperwork.

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