Switzerland for Vegetarians

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Switzerland is taking rapid strides in being vegetarian through its Swisstainable venture that aptly kicked off on World Vegetarian Day on October 1.

An invite from Swiss Tourism to showcase the vegetarian cuisine of the country sounded great as I am vegetarian. However, the variety of food I sampled was something that I was blown away with as the produce is fresh and the interpretation is amazing. Here are some places that you must visit:

Damien Germanier in Sion

Located in the charming city of Sion, the one Michelin Star restaurant Damien Germanier is named after its Chef. Damien confesses that he has a weakness for vegetables and uses them creatively in his food.

Le Chat Botté in Geneva

Overlooking the majestic Lake Geneva, Le Chat-Botté restaurant whose name literally translates to ‘Puss in Boots’) serves an eclectic mix of French fare led by chef Dominique Gauthier. Local producers are regularly the heroes of their menu.

Vegan dessert
Vegan dessert

La Fleur de Sel in Cossonay-Ville

The charming town of Cossonay-Ville can be reached using a funicular train and is home to La Fleur de Sel, a restaurant that has François Gautier as its Director and Chef Sommelier.

Hiltl, Zurich

If you are in Zurich, it is a must to visit Hiltl, started in 1898 by Ambrosius Hiltl, Haus Hiltl is the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant per the Guinness World Records and is run by the family’s fourth generation, Rolf Hiltl today.

Alive Vegan Cafe in Geneva

A cafe done up in pastel hues with lots of foliage, Alive in Geneva has food that is fresh, seasonal, organic and uses local products. The portion sizes are large and are best shared.

Read the full story that first appeared in CEIA Magazine’s Dec 2022 issue here:

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