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Tableware in Hotels

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Modern tableware is inspiring and beautiful and is becoming a conversation starter at hotels even as they are ensuring it is both unique and functional.

Every hotel has their own unique story, which they need to showcase through all elements of the hotel that carry an identity of the brand, to show continuity of the story, maintaining the standards of the brand.

Tableware has evolved over the years, from classic clean round plated to ceramics for all kinds of cuisines used throughout the hotel across different food and beverage outlets and In-room dining to now concept driven, different tableware for different outlets.  

Most of the good hotels use Ceramic dinner ware and crockery. Ceramics do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals and is the most affordable and the most popular option as usually good brands do not use any kind of plasticware for outlets/banquets making them responsible and eco friendly brands. Also a few fancy outlets are using stone tableware as platters for creating a different look and feel. Also clay earthenware is another alternative to fancy crockery range. 

Colony Clubhouse and Grill at Grand Hyatt Kochi
Colony Clubhouse and Grill at Grand Hyatt Kochi

There are several artisan brands available in the market who focus more on sustainable tableware than just mass production. However, given the quantity that is required to operate in a large-scale scenario that may not be of use to huge operations. In a growing sustainable world, there is always a push to be greener and the whole concept of ‘less is more’. However, with restaurants and fine dining, there have not been many changes. Nonetheless, it would be right to say that most hoteliers are avoiding unnecessary usage of cutleries and crockeries for single guests. Some restaurants are using disposable tableware for water conservation as well as cross-contamination. However, this is not a long-term solution.

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