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Luxury Home Design

Luxury homes are getting a new twist of décor where there is focus on detailing as well as well as a practical thrust that does not compromise aesthetics. For designing luxury homes, architects are seeing newer layout trends like creating different smaller pockets of spaces within larger spaces. Luxury homes are evolving amidst this pandemic… Read More Luxury Home Design

Architect & Interiors India

Spa and Wellness Products

Home is a space where people seek to unwind after a long day of work. While Spa and wellness products add a relaxing vibe to your home it also creates a very interesting aesthetic look. With the ongoing pandemic, wellness or relaxing corners at home are being created as a specialized space to unwind. Bathrooms… Read More Spa and Wellness Products

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Holiday Decorating Ideas

This holiday season do up your home’s décor to match your mood and bring in the positive vibes. With the pandemic showing no signs of abating, this is the year of all things home. So why not celebrate your home this holiday season? We speak to experts who share holiday decorating ideas to help you… Read More Holiday Decorating Ideas