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Magic of Minimalism

Siolim Door is a sunlit and peaceful, tropical 3BHK Villa in Siolim, Goa that celebrates nature and welcomes it indoors. Inspired by the owners Charles and Revati a husband wife duo’s travels from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, it sits in a lush gated community with round-the-clock security, two swimming pools and a gym. Hi-Speed Wifi, inverter… Read More Magic of Minimalism

Spice Route

Apps for Solo Women Travellers

As solo women travelers swell in number, here are some apps that will hold you in good stead. Google Translate When you are in a different city, the first hurdle is the language. Well with Google Translate, you can translate between 103 languages! Simply tap to translate and copy text in any app and your… Read More Apps for Solo Women Travellers