Seema Magazine

BodyCafé – Vegan Skincare

While sustainability continues to be at the forefront of most things, skincare is not being left behind and BodyCafé is making this happen with its range of cruelty free and vegan skin care products. BodyCafé is a women-led business run by two women entrepreneurs Pooja Karegoudar and Tanushree Ishani Das who have worked on a… Read More BodyCafé – Vegan Skincare

Hotelier India

Aromatherapy Solutions in Hotels

Aromatherapy solutions in hotels are based on a deep rooted sense of wellness and a sense of smell that connects its brand identity to guests. Aromatherapy has been used by the ancient cultures like the Egyptians, the Vedic people and even finds mention in the Bible. Aromatherapy is a unique healing potential healing treatment that… Read More Aromatherapy Solutions in Hotels

Asia Spa

Chiva Spa at KC Grande Resort & Spa Koh Chang

While Thai massages have taken the world by storm, authentic aromatherapy massage in Thailand by a Thai therapist can certainly elevate a spa outing to another level. My destination Koh Chang in the Eastern part of Thailand was not easy to reach. With two flights, a road journey and a ferry ride, my energy was… Read More Chiva Spa at KC Grande Resort & Spa Koh Chang


The Elevation Spa at ‘The Tamara Coorg’

The Elevation Spa at ‘The Tamara Coorg’ is all about a luxurious getaway away from urban chaos that allows you to reconnect with nature. The Elevation Spa at ‘The Tamara Coorg’ is located within a 100-year-old plantation bungalow. It is surrounded by the lush greenery and serenity of the surrounding organic coffee plantation. Tucked away… Read More The Elevation Spa at ‘The Tamara Coorg’