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Shefali Shah Interview

Shefali Shah is an Actor, Artist, Designer and Restaurateur. A name that resonates with powerful acting, Shefali Shah has several aces up her sleeve that are beyond the screen. I met Shefali recently in Bengaluru as she came to launch her restaurant Jalsa after the first launched in Ahmedabad. The restaurant is eclectic and has… Read More Shefali Shah Interview

Seema Magazine

Yosha Gupta, CEO & founder of MeMeraki

MeMeraki is a platform for Indian arts and artisans and is making a compelling case for art to remain relevant and contemporary. Being from a family of entrepreneurs, Gupta grew up in Aligarh. After spending her growing years with a typical small-town life in Aligarh, she studied in MGD Jaipur, completing bachelor’s in economics from… Read More Yosha Gupta, CEO & founder of MeMeraki

The National News

Kinnal Art – keeping the tradition alive

Santoshkumar Chitragar, a craftsman from Kinnal is using the power of social media, especially Instagram to keep his craft relevant. A craft form that enjoyed the patronage from the royal Vijayanagara Empire and the Nawab of Koppal as well. The artists belong to a community called Chitragars and essentially make figurines of gods and goddesses.… Read More Kinnal Art – keeping the tradition alive


Handmade and Handcrafted at Exclusive Lane

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your home décor, look no further than Exclusive Lane. I have always liked things that are hand made and showcase an Indian art of craft form. Hence whenever I buy pieces for home décor, I ensure that there is an aspect of India in… Read More Handmade and Handcrafted at Exclusive Lane

The New Indian Express

Prachi Hota – Dance at a Click

Odissi danseuse Prachi Hota has over two decades of training that she is using not just to stay fit but also teach the art form online. About 15 months ago, an online dance recital was quite unthinkable. Today however, it has become the norm. The pandemic has not just moved most dance festivals online but… Read More Prachi Hota – Dance at a Click

The New Indian Express

Rupin Suchak Interview

Rupin Suchak has not just designed celebrity homes but is also an Art Director who specialises in Art Installation designs. A graduate from NIFT, New Delhi, Rupin Suchak has always had a sharp eye for spaces. Self admittedly, he finds beauty in every inanimate or animate object, life and space. Having worked on films like… Read More Rupin Suchak Interview

The New Indian Express

Tracing the Cartographer’s Trail

Using a general motif of the running stitch kantha embroidery, Tracing the Cartographer’s Trail is Manish Pushkale’s new exhibition of paintings. Delhi based Manish Pushkale, a contemporary modern Indian artist whose works have a strong influence of his hometown Bhopal and Madya Pradesh is showcasing a series of paintings with the Kantha motif. Being displayed… Read More Tracing the Cartographer’s Trail

The New Indian Express

Make an Impression with Printmaking

Printmaking is an original piece of art that is relatively unknown which is what this series of workshops aims to demystify. A set of virtual printmaking workshops is being organized by India Habitat Center in collaboration with ‘Multiple Encounters’ over November and December that will give you an insight into this art form. Five print… Read More Make an Impression with Printmaking

The New Indian Express

Speed Meets Stillness

“A Voyage of Seemingly Propulsive Speed and an Apparent Absolute Stillness” a multidisciplinary show at Gallery Ark, Vadodara brings together works of art by three emerging artists Arshad Hakim, Moonis Ahmad Shah and Sarasija Subramanian. The genesis of this intriguingly titled exhibition began as a conversation between the three artists and the curator of the… Read More Speed Meets Stillness

The New Indian Express

Dhan Murti – Paddy Craft Art

Dhan Murti or the art of making idols with de-husked paddy is an indigenous art of Orrisa that is seeing a revival of sorts after being on the brink of extinction. At a recent craft and art showcase by the Dastkar Samelan Committee to bring forth art through the eyes of the Mahatma I met… Read More Dhan Murti – Paddy Craft Art