Patios – restaurant review

Vegetarians who may have felt a lack of choice at restaurants have reason to cheer with Patios that offers an all vegetarian meal with a delightful twist of taste, flavour and presentation. Patios, progressive vegetarian kitchen stays true to its premise in a fine dining space in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. A meal here is a feast… Read More Patios – restaurant review

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Oriental Home Decor

Homes are an extension of who you are and just like you change with time it is a great idea to work on enhancing your home decor too. An interesting way to do this is to do up homes with an Oriental theme. If you are wondering how, read on. Asian Influences Asian-style interiors instantly… Read More Oriental Home Decor


Vegetarian Recipes by 48 East

ASIA CALLING We bring you six Asian recipes that will make you feel like a professional chef. Nabhojit Ghosh co-founder and culinary chef of 48 East a food delivering company that is based out of Bangalore shares his favourites. CRYSTAL DUMPLING 50 gms Glass noodles 2 gms Nigella seeds 30 gms Carrot chopped 30 gms… Read More Vegetarian Recipes by 48 East