Architect & Interiors India

Connected Spaces and Internet of Things

Connected Spaces and Internet of Things (IoT) are making not just enterprise and commercial spaces but also residences tech savvy. The rising demand and popularity of the concept of smart architecture has led to technological advancements in Connected Spaces and the Internet of Things. Every user wants to have maximum control with minimum to no… Read More Connected Spaces and Internet of Things

Manufacturing Today

Automation & Robotics

As the world moves to an ‘Auto’ mode, it is but natural that the manufacturing sector is making a shift to adopt automation and robotics like never before. Bindu Gopal Rao While automation was once spurned due to the large amount of human resource in the country, today this is changing. Progressive ministers in the… Read More Automation & Robotics

Manufacturing Today

Tech Push for the Manufacturing Industry

An entire manufacturing process has many activities and operations that should ideally be monitored and controlled at several levels of pre-, during- and post-production. A modern manufacturing system has to be able to adapt to quick internal and external changes. To this end, a variety of successful models and control techniques have been developed in… Read More Tech Push for the Manufacturing Industry

Hotelier India

In room automation in hotels

Imagine entering a room and saying, “Alexa switch off all lights, close the blinds, change the AC temperature to 24 degrees change the television channel to NDTV News” and all this happening with your voice only? Well this is not fantasy anymore but reality thanks to new age in room automation in hotel rooms. As… Read More In room automation in hotels

Homes & Interiors

Home Security Solutions

Imagine this scenario. Your son has come back home from school and the front door is locked. The child calls you and you are able to unlock the door through your phone to let him in. Sounds bizarre? Well not really. This is what a new age home security solution can do. An important aspect… Read More Home Security Solutions


Ramsons – Automating the Apparel Industry

Automating Apparel The apparel industry needs several kinds of machinery to ensure that the final product is wearable. A recent development from the Government has given the much needed impetus to the apparel industry. The Cabinet, on June 22nd 2016 cleared a Rs 6,000-crore incentive package for the textiles and apparel sector to create one… Read More Ramsons – Automating the Apparel Industry