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Bird watching groups in Bangalore

Bird watching groups are making sure Bangaloreans appreciate the diverse avian life of the city Avian Walk Started in 2008, Bangalore Birding Adventures primarily conducts bird watching and bird photography tours around Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg. Led by Bopanna Pattada, the bird watching is usually in Nandi Hills, the surroundings of Bannerghatta National Park and… Read More Bird watching groups in Bangalore

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Red Earth and Pouring Rain

What happens when a classically trained Carnatic vocalist with a guitarist who likes playing progressive rock? Well, welcome to the sounds of Red Earth and Pouring Rain. Make no mistake, this is not the namesake book but a musical duo from Bangalore featuring Harini Iyer on vocals and Abhijit Nath on guitar. The duo focuses… Read More Red Earth and Pouring Rain

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Interview with Avril Quadros

Avril Quadros is a certified Empath who has overcome numerous challenges in her life with a rare fortitude that is an ode to the triumph of the human spirit. Growing up in Mumbai, Avril’s childhood was filled with music as her father was an opera singer and her mother was a rock and roll singer.… Read More Interview with Avril Quadros


Interview: Dr. Christine Stossier, Co-Founder and Assistant Medical Director, VIVAMAYR

Where do Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Hurley, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar and other Bollywood’s A-listers head to for health and beauty breaks? Well this is at the luxurious VIVAMAYR retreat in Austria. Bangalore’s premium wellness centre, RESET recently invited Dr. Christine Stossier, Co-Founder and Assistant Medical Director, VIVAMAYR to conduct a Medical… Read More Interview: Dr. Christine Stossier, Co-Founder and Assistant Medical Director, VIVAMAYR

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Street Storyss, Bangalore

A vegetarian craft kitchen that celebrates street food from Rajma Khichdi risotto with Parmesan and Khakra crumbs to Avacado mousse papdi served with raw mango salsa, it is not just the food that makes you go gaga at Street Storyss. With its stunning teal blue colour palette interspersed with pastel hues, the restaurant not just… Read More Street Storyss, Bangalore

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Bangalore Watch Company (BWC)

Bengaluru couple Mercy Amalraj and Nirupesh Joshi are paying ode to the city’s watch history with their home grown brand Bangalore Watch Company (BWC). Among Bengaluru’s many monikers – Pensioner’s Paradise, Garden City et al, you can add ‘watch capital’ too. The city was home to not one but two famous watchmakers, the now-defunct Hindustan Machine… Read More Bangalore Watch Company (BWC)

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Sputnik Moments with Yours truly theater

“All the world’s a stage,” once remarked William Shakespeare quite famously. And one person who will agree with that is Nandini Rao, Co-founder, Yours truly. A theatre veteran with over 18 years of overall theatre experience, she is one of the few leading women theatre directors in India. “From the time I knew I had… Read More Sputnik Moments with Yours truly theater


Spin Salon Review

Spin Salon at Indiranagar in Bengaluru is a great place to experience some wonderful treatments like Kérastase, Footlogix and more. Located on the first floor on the upmarket 12th Main Road in Indirangar, Spin Unisex Salon has a monochromatic theme that strikes the right décor notes. All accessories are also in black and white that… Read More Spin Salon Review


Meraki Spa & Wellness, Bangalore

A spa outing at Meraki Spa & Wellness is all about relaxing with a luxurious Greek twist courtesy its décor and therapies to match. Located in Bengaluru’s upmarket commercial quarter St. Mark’s Road, Meraki Spa & Wellness is “heavily inspired by the Greek word ‘Meraki’ which means ‘to do something with soul and love; to… Read More Meraki Spa & Wellness, Bangalore

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Karnataka Sights

The IT Hub of India, Bengaluru is a city that is an ideal gateway to Karnataka. This is also a city that has several sites old and new that make it a sought after destination by itself. With a history that blends a colonial past with royal heritage, the city has much to see and… Read More Karnataka Sights