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Chef Gaggan Anand’s New Restaurant and More

The name Gaggan Anand immediately conjures a sense of respect that goes far beyond culinary circles. And rightly so. After all, Gaggan has been awarded two Michelin stars and topped Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list for four years in a row. Easily the most celebrated Indian chef, he has always known to chart his own… Read More Chef Gaggan Anand’s New Restaurant and More

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Chef Gaggan Anand – an interview

Chef Gaggan Anand is nothing short of a maverick in the kitchen and conjures up the most unusual interpretations of Indian cuisine. Gaggan Anand – the name that is held with utmost regard in culinary circles needs little introduction. For the uninitiated his restaurant has made it four years into ‘Restaurant’s The World’s 50 Best… Read More Chef Gaggan Anand – an interview


TRAT – Thailand’s Best Islands

A clutch of islands in Trat province in the Eastern Gulf of Thailand have an interesting potpourri of experiences that is best discovered island hopping. As I looked outside my hour long flight from Bangkok to Trat I was smitten by the beautiful landscape below. Blue mountains surrounded by lush green landscapes, small water bodies… Read More TRAT – Thailand’s Best Islands

Discover India's North East

Offbeat Bangkok

Think Bangkok and probably you are thinking traffic jams and a noisy urban setting. Well, that might be partially true, but this metropolis is much more than that. On a recent first visit to Thailand’s capital city I was pleasantly surprised to see several aspects of the city that are seemingly hidden under the bustling… Read More Offbeat Bangkok


Wat Pho, Bangkok

How many times have you encountered an instance that some of your best travel memories are those that you did not plan for? Chances are very often. In fact I had a similar experience when I visited Wat Pho on a recent trip to Bangkok. It was our guide that mentioned casually that Bangkok had… Read More Wat Pho, Bangkok


Birds of Thailand – Picture Essay

My first visit to Thailand last month to Koh Chang and Bangkok, brought me up close to a facet of the country that is not often spoken about – that of its avian life. The islands are abound with nature and greenery is all around. The perfect landscape seems like a painting and naturally are a hotspot… Read More Birds of Thailand – Picture Essay


Chef Gaggan Anand – the food genius!

The 3 G Chef – Chef Gaggan Anand Drawing on his memories of the amazing street food and the diversity of India’s different regional cuisines, Chef Gaggan Anand has used science and modern technology to create modernist and progressive re-interpretations of traditional recipes that have made his restaurant, ‘Gaggan’ one of the top culinary destinations in Bangkok. In India recently,… Read More Chef Gaggan Anand – the food genius!