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Protein Rich Recipes

Indian diets are typically carbohydrate rich so, mindfully incorporating protein in each meal only is the need of the hour. A high carb diet would spike your blood glucose levels, protein on the other hand will help manage the sudden spikes in blood glucose by lowering the glycemic index of the food. Protein provides satiety… Read More Protein Rich Recipes

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Detox after Binging

Festive bingeing is common, in a matter of a few days, we end up loading up on calories through the traditional treats made of ghee, sweet and refined ingredients. The best detox would be to switch to natural food – fruits, vegetables and lots of water. Cut down on sugar-laced juices, coffee, tea and carbonated… Read More Detox after Binging

Deccan Chronicle

Sarcopenia Scare

Muscle loss or sarcopenia is a common issue that women face as they age, and it is important to recognize the signs to mitigate problems. Did you know that a gradual loss of muscle starts to occur from the 30’s onwards and some people tend to lose muscle mass and strength more quickly than others?  This… Read More Sarcopenia Scare