The Sindhian

Interview with Neelam Makhijani

As Country Director and CEO of ChildFund India, Neelam Makhijani has been working tirelessly to make a difference in the life of underprivileged children. Armed with a Master’s in Business Administration from London University, Neelam has been with ChildFund India for over four years now.  She worked in the UK for 15 years with major… Read More Interview with Neelam Makhijani

Spice Route

Vaani – Lending A Ear

In November 2002 a feasibility study was carried out on issues surrounding childhood deafness in India. Based on the findings of the feasibility study, the fact-finding visits and workshops, the vision which emerged was for family members to acquire some basic knowledge and understanding about deafness, teachers to have specialist knowledge and abilities that would… Read More Vaani – Lending A Ear

New Woman

How To Handle Your Shy Child?

“Deep rivers run quiet.” ~ Haruki Murakami As a behavioural trait that is much debated and often misunderstood, shyness is something that most people often misinterpret. Shy children very often get labelled as timid or even under confident. As parents, you can help your child overcome his or her shyness. Here is a handy guide.… Read More How To Handle Your Shy Child?


Interview with Caroline Boudreaux, Miracle Foundation

“Eight million children live in institutions. Every one of them deserves a family. Let’s create miracles for them.” That sums up the core philosophy of the Miracle Foundation, a non-profit that is here to help people make a difference in the lives of orphaned children. Trip Down Memory Lane Founded on Mother’s Day in 2000,… Read More Interview with Caroline Boudreaux, Miracle Foundation