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Asian Beauty Ingredients

Asian beauty ingredients that are native to the region are an inevitable part of organic and natural beauty products. This is because they come with a plethora of benefits that have several advantages. The ancient science of Ayurveda and even traditional Chinese practices bet big on using natural ingredients. In this story I have explored… Read More Asian Beauty Ingredients

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Flameless Cooking

Cooking without fire is not as complex as it sounds – and this is not just about salads. Think bakes, smoothies and more. The other aspect of food that does not need a flame is that you can work with ingredients in the real form and that makes the dish wholesome and flavouful. Here are… Read More Flameless Cooking

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World Coconut Day

September 2 is World Coconut Day and is all the more reason to celebrate the humble ingredient that is a powerhouse of goodness. The ubiquitous nature of coconut is being seen in varied applications. Coconut oil is used to moisturize the skin and hair and in soaps and cosmetics. In addition, the hard shells, fibrous… Read More World Coconut Day


Coconut Goes Cool

Coconut is once again in the limelight and not just from a health perspective but also as a key ingredient in beauty products. A home grown superfood, coconut has emerged out of the shadows to shine like no other. From being maligned initially for being a wrong fat to now being hailed as a superfood,… Read More Coconut Goes Cool