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Artisan Coffee

Coffee Goes Arty Artisan Coffees are changing coffee rules all over. The third wave of coffee in India, artisan coffees embody all things quality, sustainability and innovation to give you a cup that matters. Read more of my story on here:

Sakal Times

Cold Brews – Coffee

As the heat is rising, check out cold brews to experience a whole new way to fall in love with coffee again. My first introduction to cold brew coffee happened a few months ago in Chennai when I visited the Lavazza Coffee Lab and the taste of the brew was so distinct that I have… Read More Cold Brews – Coffee


Bean to Coffee Cup session with Lavazza

Over a Cup of Coffee As I make my way up to the corporate headquarters of Lavazza India in Chennai, I am enveloped by the wafting aroma of coffee. Well, after all I am here to attend the unique Bean to Cup session conducted by the trained barista and the coffee lover in me is… Read More Bean to Coffee Cup session with Lavazza


Pristine Organics – Health Matters

Being an advocate of healthy eating, I have had the opportunity to interact with several health experts, nutritionists and professionals that have honed my thoughts of good food. So recently when I received a hamper of millet based products from Pristine Organics, I was quite thrilled to taste them and cook using the products. My… Read More Pristine Organics – Health Matters

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

The Tamara Coorg Review

The Tamara Coorg in Karnataka redefines luxury with cottage-style villas built on stilts that overlook the verdant greens of the Western Ghats. Cocooned among 180 acres of a lush coffee plantation, the resort is secluded and allows you to break away from the urban chaos. A six hour drive from Bangalore gets me at the… Read More The Tamara Coorg Review


Coffee Dossier – all about coffee in India

As a drink that most of South India wakes up to, coffee has no parallel. Coffee lovers cannot do without their morning cuppa and freshly brewed filter coffee is seen in almost all South Indian households. Incidentally India has an interesting history and is the sixth largest producer of coffee globally.   Read this story… Read More Coffee Dossier – all about coffee in India

Spice Route

Coffee Trail with JW Marriott Bengaluru

‘JW Marriott Bengaluru invites you on a Coffee Trail with Chef Anthony En Yuan Huang’ read the invite I received recently. Being a coffee lover, I was quite intrigued as to what would be in store and I decided to jump right in. Incidentally Chef Anthony is known for his fine sense of balancing traditional… Read More Coffee Trail with JW Marriott Bengaluru


Top 10 foods you must try in Italy

The plate in front of me is enticing – it looks straight out of a farm, with fresh red tomatoes, luscious coloured bell peppers, home grown olives and fresh cheese from a dairy. The fresh rocket cheese and garden vegetables makes me dig in instantly into this Caprese salad – well in Italy food is… Read More Top 10 foods you must try in Italy

The Tribune

Coffee Goes Artisan

In recent years, wine tasting is a word that most urban folks have come to understand. However today, coffee tasting sessions are slowly but surely making a mark in the pretentious tasting space. The reason is a clear trend towards having speciality coffee, artisan coffee and even micro roastaries akin to micro breweries. Well if… Read More Coffee Goes Artisan


Interview with Asia’s first woman coffee expert Sunalini Menon

“Check the juicy notes – you can taste citrus, orange, lemon, green apple, flecks of caramel – the taste has complex undertones and the beautiful aspect is that it is so juicy and sweet.” I am in Coorg at the Tata Plantation amidst verdant greenery and sitting in a formal coffee appreciation session listening in… Read More Interview with Asia’s first woman coffee expert Sunalini Menon