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Festive Recipes

The winter months signal all kinds of celebrations and it is time to have a cracker of a celebration on your table as well. It is that time of the year when there is a sparkle in the air and the time when India celebrates many festivals. And the celebrations is all about indulgence and… Read More Festive Recipes



Wasabi can be used in many unique ways- right from dips, pasta sauces and a various non-vegetarian fusion dish. Some delightful favourites include: Make sure you use the pungent ingredient right. Do’s: Don’ts: Read the full story that first appeared in CEIA Magazine’s October 2023 issue here:

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Role of IT in F&B

The food and beverage business of hospitality has got a technology boost especially post the pandemic, which is giving a fillip to revenues. In the hospitality and food and beverage industries, the pivotal role played by Information Technology (IT) cannot be overstated. Through the automation and digitization of multiple stages within the invoice administration process,… Read More Role of IT in F&B

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Irfan Razack, Chairman & Managing Director, Prestige Group

A renowned builder and developer Irfan Razack is no stranger in the realty circle and has today established his company Prestige Group as a conglomerate with several diverse interests. Irfan Razack founded the Prestige Group in 1986 in Bengaluru. Today, the company has many million sq ft of real estate development in residential, commercial, retail,… Read More Irfan Razack, Chairman & Managing Director, Prestige Group


Butter Boards

One of the new trends at community gatherings and a very uncomplicated way of flavouring butter, boards is to smear softened butter and top with ingredients you like. They do not require a set of recipes to be made, and looks stunning after topping up with required ingredients. The butters can be flavoured with different… Read More Butter Boards


Diwali Food

The one Hindu festival that bring us fond memories of festive celebrations is Diwali. This festival of lights is symbolic to the victory of good over evil. In today’s day and age as much as there is history and tradition that is celebrated during festivals, food has definitely taken a spot light and plays a… Read More Diwali Food