How to Choose the Best COVID Health Insurance Policy in India?

A secure fund for emergency medical costs was always a necessity, but the advent of the novel Coronavirus just amplified its importance. COVID-19 not only affected peoples’ health, but the lockdowns imposed to curb this virus also affected many peoples’ livelihood. All this led to countless citizens getting into deep-neck debts to cover the medical… Read More How to Choose the Best COVID Health Insurance Policy in India?

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My COVID-19 Story

When Norm Bour starting seeking writers to share positive stories about Covid for a book collaboration, I was intrigued. Norm went on to ask, “did you achieve things you wouldn’t normally do? Did your relationships change for the better? I want your stories.” I sent my story which was just a regular one, with small… Read More My COVID-19 Story


Batting for Bats

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the origin of the coronavirus being caused by bats is just a myth like many other things that the flying mammal is associated with. ‘Blind as a bat’ is probably the most abused phrase. Did you know that bats are not blind? Well if you did not, it’s… Read More Batting for Bats


COVID-19 Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 may have dealt a blow like no other, but several individuals have used it as an opportunity to start on their own. The Indomitable Triumph of the Human Spirit is what these individuals have demonstrated when they have not let job losses or pandemic lockdowns and problems deter them. I spoke to four such… Read More COVID-19 Entrepreneurs

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Pathogenic Priming Impact on COVID-19

A report that connects pathogenic priming to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 throws light on a lesser known aspect of the deadly coronavirus. Pathogenic priming or ‘disease enhancement’ is a biological process where in a limited initial exposure of the immune system of an organism to certain proteins of antigens derived from… Read More Pathogenic Priming Impact on COVID-19

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Food Nostalgia – Menasina Saaru

Rasam is a dish that is a quintessential part of every South Indian meal and a traditional variant can also be the immunity booster much required in times like these. Food has a sense of nostalgia like no other. After all it is associated with memories of childhood and one that can warm the cockles… Read More Food Nostalgia – Menasina Saaru

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Mental Health in Children – COVID-19

The pandemic has brought the focus on mental health to the forefront, but it is seldom understood in the context of young children. Children can also have mental health issues, something that many parents and guardians are unaware of. With schools closed, lack of recreation and play opportunities, economic stress in the household and health-related… Read More Mental Health in Children – COVID-19


Kaivalyadhama : Helping Recovery Post COVID-19

While the long-term impact of the coronavirus is still being discovered, Kaivalyadhama, a traditional yoga school located in the serene Sahayadri mountain ranges of Lonavala, in Western India has launched a program to recover effectively from the disease. In response to the current COVID-19 situation, they have recently launched ‘Prabalatwam’, a two-week program especially designed… Read More Kaivalyadhama : Helping Recovery Post COVID-19

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The Karuna Quilt Movement

The Karuna Quilt Movement has a two-fold intention of providing employment as well as appreciating frontline workers. When the pandemic arrived unannounced last year, it caught all of us by surprise. Life as we knew it was thrown out of gear and adapting to the ‘new normal’ in the face of depression and negativity has… Read More The Karuna Quilt Movement

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Yoga and Mental Health

As the world celebrates International Yoga Day on June 21, it is time to look at the holistic health practice as a tool for mental wellness. Yes, yoga is not just good for physical health, but also mental health and experts tell us how you can benefit from the same. In India, around 2% of… Read More Yoga and Mental Health