Tech Edge to Healthcare

In India, locally manufactured medical devices are helping increase general access to healthcare with screening and early detection. Through this prevention is achieved which further makes healthcare cost effective. Technological advancements are slowly but steadily creating a mark in the healthcare industry. Mobile applications use the cloud to remotely keep tabs on patients, medical data… Read More Tech Edge to Healthcare


Health startups in India

Health startups are stirring things up in the sector by not just offering patient’s better diagnostics but also making medical aid more accessible. If there was one field where innovation has the double effect of being contemporary and good for health, it has to be in the medical world. Fortunately in India, startups have been… Read More Health startups in India

Spice Route

Data in Healthcare

As the healthcare industry evolves, data and information of patients is changing the dynamics of how health is being monitored. The healthcare industry is on the cusp of a data revolution. While the last few decades were spent investing in imaging, big machines, instruments and devices, the next few will be spent on personalising healthcare… Read More Data in Healthcare