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Digitization of Courses – Education Redefined

  The changing face of education can be evidenced from the technological innovations seen in the sector that includes online education fueled by digitization of course materials. For a long time distance education was driven by reading material that used to be sent by post. However, technology has opened up a whole new world for… Read More Digitization of Courses – Education Redefined

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New Age Education Trends

When my niece told me she was interested to do a course in Liberal Arts for her graduation, I actually looked up the course to understand it better. Soon I found that apart from this there are a whole lot of new age courses like Spa Management, Rural Studies, Cyber security, Puppetry, Tea/coffee tasting, Public… Read More New Age Education Trends


Bangalore Women Educating Differently

These five Bangalore women are changing the way children learn by adding unique elements that foster overall growth and understanding.  Jyotsana Mandana, Co-Founder, Promise Centre Coming from a family of educationists, Jyotsna has education in her genes. Her grandmother and mother are both teachers and having studied child psychology she worked in different schools before… Read More Bangalore Women Educating Differently

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Education Trends 2017

As a topic that is always in vogue and often debated – education is a hands-down winner. The importance of good education can hardly be over emphasized. Naturally then there is a constant need to innovate and keep education current in tune with the needs of the day. Here are some key trends that will… Read More Education Trends 2017

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Maya – Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness

Empowering Society “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” ~ Margaret Mead, Anthropologist If you thought this was just a quote, think again. A Karnataka-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working for over 25 years in the space of social transformation,… Read More Maya – Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness

The Hindu

Stories in The Hindu Newspaper

The Hindu is among India’s oldest newspapers. Here are my stories in The Hindu and The Hindu Business Plus. Education: The IB Program Getting Ready to be a media professional Commodity Market courses Cost effective e-learning Being a good radio jockey Insurance as a career Clinical research Education Loans Corporate Educational Courses NIS Courses Executive… Read More Stories in The Hindu Newspaper


Other features in Deccan Herald

DH Education: Making Math Fun Voice Over as a Career  Cooking as a career DH Avenues: Why Employees Matter Metrolife: Interview with Chef Dev Bose, Howard Johnson