Bangalore Women Educating Differently

These five Bangalore women are changing the way children learn by adding unique elements that foster overall growth and understanding.  Jyotsana Mandana, Co-Founder, Promise Centre Coming from a family of educationists, Jyotsna has education in her genes. Her grandmother and mother are both teachers and having studied child psychology she worked in different schools before… Read More Bangalore Women Educating Differently

New Woman

How Much Should You Praise Your Child?

Praising Your Child – Raise or Reduce? The terms ‘good boy’ and ‘good girl’ have been used since the mid-1800s by parents, mentors, teachers towards children. The idea of using praise to motivate children really took off after the publication of ‘The Psychology of Self-Esteem’ in 1969, which suggested that many of the problems among… Read More How Much Should You Praise Your Child?