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Laminates in Home Décor

In today’s times, laminates are not just limited to simple wooden designs or solid colours but are shifting to a conceptual and artistic side of design. Laminate brands are adding new designs to their lineup to ensure that they add to the aesthetic beauty of the interiors of a space. Laminate is made from pressing… Read More Laminates in Home Décor

Architect & Interiors India

Bath Fixtures

Modern bathroom designs are a balanced mix of aesthetics and functionality. There are numerous ways to imagine a bathroom, based on the client’s requirement and the intended use of the space. Bath fixtures are the finer details that contribute to the overall look and feel of the bathroom. The market today has seen a plethora… Read More Bath Fixtures

Sakal Times

Make the Most of Tiny Bathrooms

As homes shrink, bathrooms are becoming smaller but you can use décor to add a spacious dimension. New age constructions have little or no focus towards the size of the bathrooms largely due to space constraints especially in budget homes. However you can make the most of the space by ensuring the layout and design… Read More Make the Most of Tiny Bathrooms