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The Park Indore

A stay at The Park Indore is a sensorial experience that combines delectable food, luxurious stay, relaxing activities, and unlimited fun. I have been to Indore only as a transit destination to Mandu and was always intrigued by the city. After all this is the city that has won the cleanest city in India award… Read More The Park Indore

Spice Route

Red Chilli as a Spice

What is common to the words Bhut Jalokia, Byadgi, Bird eye, Mundu, Kashmiri, Jwala, Guntur, and Kanthari? Well, these are varieties of red chilli – the spice you may love or hate but can never ignore. Variants Galore There is an amazing variety of red chillies available in the country and their taste and spice… Read More Red Chilli as a Spice