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Spotlight on the humble idli

The idli ice-cream has divided social media and initiated a huge online dialogue between food lovers on food innovation. A recent image shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter showed what appeared like a vanilla ice cream stick. However, it was an idli that was shaped like an ice cream bar and one such bar was… Read More Spotlight on the humble idli

Seema Magazine

Dark Chocolate – Immunity Booster

The food of the Gods, chocolate in its dark version is considered to be an immunity booster too. The bittersweet taste and superfood quality of dark chocolate makes it an exceptional ingredient that caters to sweet cravings along with imparting immunogenic and other health benefits. And while chocolates make a great gift for the upcoming… Read More Dark Chocolate – Immunity Booster


Healthy Sweet Tooth Indulgences

With the festive season in full swing, make the healthy choice by switching to desserts that not just satiate your dessert cravings but also do not pile up the calories. It is that time of the year when festivities are in the air and this is the time when cheat meals come to the forefront.… Read More Healthy Sweet Tooth Indulgences