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Magic of Minimalism

Siolim Door is a sunlit and peaceful, tropical 3BHK Villa in Siolim, Goa that celebrates nature and welcomes it indoors. Inspired by the owners Charles and Revati a husband wife duo’s travels from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, it sits in a lush gated community with round-the-clock security, two swimming pools and a gym. Hi-Speed Wifi, inverter… Read More Magic of Minimalism

Sakal Times

Big Daddy Casino in Goa

With the opening of Big Daddy Casino in Goa, an offshore casino with ‘no-limits’ tables this is also said to be the biggest in Asia. As a much loved holiday destination, there is no other place that can beat Goa. With its sandy beaches and laidback lifestyle, it has all the ingredients that make for… Read More Big Daddy Casino in Goa

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Goa as a wellness destination

Looking beyond its sun kissed beaches and churches Goa is slowly but surely emerging as a wellness destination in its own right Wellness today has become a key driver not just in daily life but also as a means to travel. Well, after all there has been a spurt of destination spas and wellness getaways… Read More Goa as a wellness destination

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All About Coriander

A versatile spice that can be used in dried, ground and fresh forms, coriander has a unique flavour that packs a punch. The distinct aroma, pungency and flavour of coriander is unmissable which makes this a spice that can add a zing to any dish you make. To add to that it also has several… Read More All About Coriander

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Karnika Cruise Liner by Jalesh Cruises

Jalesh Cruises first premium ship to sail on Indian waters Karnika offers a wonderful way to experience the cruise life. As I make my way from Mumbai airport to the Port Trust I cannot help but admire the many heritage buildings I sport on the way. As I alight at the port, there are many… Read More Karnika Cruise Liner by Jalesh Cruises

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Goa’s Latin Quarter

Exploring Fontainhas in the heart of Panjim is yet another way to delve into the many secrets that Goa has. It was on a recent visit to Goa when I was making some enquiries of some offbeat experiences that I discovered Fontainhas. This is a vibrant colourful area in Panjim that is the oldest Latin… Read More Goa’s Latin Quarter

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Goa’s Wildlife

One of the first things that I always notice about Goa is its abundant greenery, lush mangroves and vibrant water bodies. All of this also means that the state has a varied flora and fauna that gives it one more reason to be the holiday destination of choice. Forest Feels Start your wild exploration at… Read More Goa’s Wildlife

Deccan Chronicle

Travel Guide to Loutolim, Goa

Lively Loutolim Loutolim a small village in South Goa has many impressive sights that will take you back in time and show you a lesser known aspect of the beach state. Think Goa and probably the first visual that comes to your mind is that of endless stretches of beaches and partying. However Goa has… Read More Travel Guide to Loutolim, Goa

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Museum Musings in Goa

With several interesting museums, there is one more reason to visit Goa and discover its many secrets. Museums are one of the best ways to explore a city’s cultural ethos and Goa has numerous options that allow you to check out this facet for yourself. Leading from the front is MOG or Museum of Goa… Read More Museum Musings in Goa

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Honeymoon Destinations

If you are looking for a destination for the perfect start to your married life we have you covered with these places in India. Goa An all-time favourite with honeymooners, Goa has a charm that is hard to miss. Perhaps it is the endless coastline that continues to lure people from everywhere. This former Portuguese… Read More Honeymoon Destinations