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Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fittings are combining form and functionality to ensure bathrooms are as stylish as they are practical. In all these years, one space that has been constantly reinventing itself, is Bathrooms, they have come a long way. Nowadays bathrooms have been a luxurious hideout with the finest selections. Bathrooms have become a reflection of one’s… Read More Bathroom Fittings

Architect & Interiors India

Smart Bathrooms

Over the last few years, there has been a growing need for intuitive solutions that allow consumers to immerse themselves in their time in the bathroom. Technological innovations have not just brought better designs, but optimum hygiene, enhanced comfort and even new materials used in the composition of products. The new launches in the bathroom… Read More Smart Bathrooms

Hotelier India

Bathroom Design in Hotels

Bathroom Design is becoming an increasing focal point in hotels with architects, designers and hoteliers collaborating to create spaces that enhance the overall look and feel of the hotel room. As a space that is truly personal, bathrooms win hands down. Naturally, guests are looking at hotels that combine aesthetics and practicality seamlessly to ensure… Read More Bathroom Design in Hotels