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Immunity Booster: Garlic

Garlic may be a pungent herb but it is a powerhouse of goodness that is waiting to be unlocked. As an ingredient that can single handedly take a dish from drab to fab, there is seldom any competition for garlic. Garlic (Allium sativum) contains alliin, which is metabolized by the enzyme alliinase to allicin, which… Read More Immunity Booster: Garlic

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Immunity Booster: Ginger

The rhizome that has a sharp taste, ginger has been always known for its healing and restorative properties. A root vegetable that is full of healing properties, ginger has a whole bunch of immunity boosting properties despite its pungent taste. Ginger is one such herbal ally that Ayurveda refers to as the universal medicine. In… Read More Immunity Booster: Ginger

Deccan Chronicle

International Falafel Day

International Falafel Day celebrated on June 12th every year is only an excuse to indulge in this much-loved dish. Falafel is popular street food in the middle east and is also eaten during Ramdaan as Iftar. This dish is famous with vegans and vegetarians as it is extremely rich in protein, made with boiled chickpea,… Read More International Falafel Day

Seema Magazine

Interview Simrun Chopra

Simrun Chopra is a mother and fitness entrepreneur who teaches people to stay fit by giving practical advice that has helped thousands of women. After she got married and was pregnant with her son, Chopra realized that something was wrong with her as she could not bear the weight of her own child and crumbled… Read More Interview Simrun Chopra


Azafran Organic Products Review

Azafran Organic has a range of certified organic products that span food, cosmetics, wellness, skincare and more. As a firm advocate of an organic way of life, when I was asked to review a few products of Azafran Organic, India’s leading Internationally certified organic products manufacturing company, I was quite enthused. In a few days… Read More Azafran Organic Products Review

The New Indian Express

Tech Edge to Fitness

The ongoing pandemic has shifted most things to a virtual world and fitness is no exception. Online training, apps and virtual sessions are the new norm as far as being fit is concerned. “Brett Lee will be taking a fitness class today, so I have to attend that today.” When my 12-year-old nephew Arya Upadhya… Read More Tech Edge to Fitness


Products from Enlight Life Science Pvt. Ltd

Enlight Life Science Pvt. Ltd is a Bangalore-based wellness platform that provides appropriate and customised dose of nutrition to various age groups with the intention of improving metabolism and enhancing immunity. Their concept of immunity builds on using four pillars – Sunlight, Nutrition, Exercise and Water. The team works with scientists, nutritionists, food technologists and fitness experts… Read More Products from Enlight Life Science Pvt. Ltd

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Ayurveda as an Immunity Booster

The need for an immune body probably cannot be emphasized more than at a time like this as COVID-19 grips the world. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the focus back to the body’s natural defense system or immunity. While there is no medicine for COVID-19 as of now, the need is to take preventative measures… Read More Ayurveda as an Immunity Booster

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Nimba Nature Cure Ahmedabad

A retreat where you can connect with yourself holistically and make the most of “me time” is what Nimba Nature Cure promises. Driving from Ahmedabad’s airport to Nimba Nature Cure is well over an hour and the highway is dotted with greenery and lots of colourful bougainvilleas. As I arrive into the 30-acre retreat, there… Read More Nimba Nature Cure Ahmedabad


Interview: Devrath Vijay aka Ninja Dev

Devrath Vijay aka Ninja Dev is not just one of the two Animal Flow Master Instructors in India but also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS), IFAA (International Fitness and Aerobics Academy) Master Trainer, Incrato Level 1 Trainer (Strength and Conditioning) and accredited Rehab Trainer. It was a cold winter morning (at a very… Read More Interview: Devrath Vijay aka Ninja Dev