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Immunity Booster: Broccoli

A common vegetable that often gets overlooked, broccoli has some amazing properties that boost immunity and overall health. Broccoli is very healthy and rich in nutrition like fiber, protein, sugar, calories, vitamins K, A, B, C and E, calcium, magnesium, selenium and water which provide complete nutrition to the body and fulfill all requirements. Broccoli… Read More Immunity Booster: Broccoli

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Immunity Booster: Garlic

Garlic may be a pungent herb but it is a powerhouse of goodness that is waiting to be unlocked. As an ingredient that can single handedly take a dish from drab to fab, there is seldom any competition for garlic. Garlic (Allium sativum) contains alliin, which is metabolized by the enzyme alliinase to allicin, which… Read More Immunity Booster: Garlic

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International Falafel Day

International Falafel Day celebrated on June 12th every year is only an excuse to indulge in this much-loved dish. Falafel is popular street food in the middle east and is also eaten during Ramdaan as Iftar. This dish is famous with vegans and vegetarians as it is extremely rich in protein, made with boiled chickpea,… Read More International Falafel Day

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Slurpy Goodness for Summer

Cold Soups are a great way to beat the summer heat as they are refreshing and packed with good health sans the heat. The palpable heat in the atmosphere means that the harsh summers have arrived with all their intensity. Summers are also the time when all of us notice that our energy levels deplete… Read More Slurpy Goodness for Summer

Vegetarian Recipes

Focaccia Bread Recipe

I have always been fascinated with Focaccia breads that I have eaten many times largely at Italian restaurants as they are make for a pretty sight and also for being soft. Ingredients 1 tbsp dry yeast 2 tbsp honey 1 tsp salt 1 cup warm water 2 cups whole wheat flour 2 cups all purpose… Read More Focaccia Bread Recipe

Vegetarian Recipes

Green Gram Dosa with Beetroot Chutney

A colourful plate is not just attractive but also packs a punch of good health. And to make breakfast interesting and healthy I decided to make this green gram dosa and teamed it with a beetroot chutney. Here is the recipe. Green Gram Dosa Ingredients 2 cups whole green gram A bunch of fresh coriander… Read More Green Gram Dosa with Beetroot Chutney

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How to make healthy food choices

Eat Healthy Think Better Health requires healthy food ~ Roger Williams Say healthy food and often the instant reaction is smirking, making a long face or a disdainful expression. Well for long ‘healthy food’ has been associated with bland and tasteless food. Hence when you have to make the choice to eat healthy food, these… Read More How to make healthy food choices


Green Beans Chutney

Green Beans have a surprising versatility and while you may use them commonly in rice, curries and salads, this chutney is a delightful way of using green beans. Ingredients Green beans – 100 grams Freshly grated coconut – 50 grams Mustard – 1 tsp Fenugreek – 1 tsp Urad Dal – 1tbsp Coriander seeds (Dhania)… Read More Green Beans Chutney


A Pot That Makes A Lot

How often have you wished to come home to fresh and hot food? Also have you hoped that you could have a device that would cook a meal without your intervention and switch off and keep it warm? Well, chances are you answered yes to one or both these questions. And your answer is Wonderchef’s Nutri-Pot.… Read More A Pot That Makes A Lot


Recipe: Foxtail Millet Idlis

Foxtail Millet or Navane is rich in Vitamin B1, Iron and is helpful in diabetes too. As I have included this in my diet, I thought of experimenting a no rice idli flour using Navane and it turned out fantastic – soft and tasty too. Here is my recipe: Ingredients: 2 cups Navane (try and use… Read More Recipe: Foxtail Millet Idlis