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Luxury Home Design

Luxury homes are getting a new twist of décor where there is focus on detailing as well as well as a practical thrust that does not compromise aesthetics. For designing luxury homes, architects are seeing newer layout trends like creating different smaller pockets of spaces within larger spaces. Luxury homes are evolving amidst this pandemic… Read More Luxury Home Design

Architect & Interiors India

Office Furniture Trends

New age office furniture has the essence of ergonomic design to boost productivity and bring a motion of style to their workstation and draws a discipline between the workplace and the worker. Office furniture is designed for specific use and today with home offices becoming the new norm, home offices are also using this specific… Read More Office Furniture Trends

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Statement Storage in Homes

Imagine a home without storage space, wading through a sea of clutter each time you enter the house. Well, the thought itself is scary. However while storage is indispensable in a home, it can actually add to the overall décor of your home. Creativity Matters Having the right ideas and correct furniture can transform the… Read More Statement Storage in Homes