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Shellfish Reefs: Ocean Eco Warriors

While coral reefs ring a bell in most people’s mind, oyster and shellfish reefs are probably less known and even less understood. Hong Kong was home to shellfish reefs that have rapidly declined over the last 150 years changing the marine ecology of its waters. The Shellfish Reefs at Risk Report (2009) indicates that with… Read More Shellfish Reefs: Ocean Eco Warriors

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Magical Macao

Blending the contemporary with the traditional seamlessly, Macao has not forgotten its Portuguese history that adds to its character and unique identity. The historic center of Macao has been inscribed as a World Heritage Center in July 2005 and is an ode to cultural exchanges between the East and West spanning over 400 years. Macao’s… Read More Magical Macao

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Kee Wah Bakery in Hong Kong

Did you know that you can actually learn to make Hong Kong’s iconic dish egg tarts? Well this experience at Kee Wah Bakery should be a must do on your next visit to this island country. For someone like me who has a keen interest in cooking, the prospect of learning a new dish is… Read More Kee Wah Bakery in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong is a city that offers an eclectic mix of sights and sounds that make for a perfect getaway. For someone like me a window seat in a flight is a must as I always love to look out of the window to see how a city looks like from the top. And my… Read More Hong Kong Travel Guide

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Animal Encounters at Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park goes beyond the realms of a traditional adventure theme park courtesy its animal programs and encounters with wild animals that add a distinctive charm to the place. When I was invited to Ocean Park Hong Kong recently, my instinctive reaction was to refuse as I am not into theme rides at… Read More Animal Encounters at Ocean Park, Hong Kong


Review of Hong Kong Restaurant in Bangalore

What: HongKong Where: 2nd Floor, Building 3, MSR Westpark, Off Brigade Road, Church Street, Bangalore. Phone: 080 49652134 Ambience: This 74 cover restaurant is done up in hues of red, brown and black with some greenery thrown in. The seating is comfortable and chairs and sofas are patterned with red and brown upholstery that adds… Read More Review of Hong Kong Restaurant in Bangalore