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Revenue Management in Hotels

Doing The Math As the hotel business witnesses accelerated change, revenue managers are developing innovative strategies that can help optimise demand and improve room occupancy. An underlying premise that drives hospitality is profitability. With changing landscapes driven by an intensely competitive playing field, revenue managers are working on newer business models and techniques to strengthen… Read More Revenue Management in Hotels

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Kitchen Hygiene in Hotels

The kitchen is a space that hoteliers are focusing on not just to ensure they make the best food but also in terms of hygiene solutions. The importance of hygiene is an element that can hardly be over emphasized. In the context of hotels, this is of paramount importance and specifically a hygienic kitchen is… Read More Kitchen Hygiene in Hotels

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How to Have a Budget Wedding?

When Everol Dsouza and Merlyn Fernandes decided to get married, they were clear that they had a budget to stick to and ensured that they planned everything to the tee and executed the same meticulously. You can too, as otherwise weddings can burn a big hole in your pocket and most of it may be… Read More How to Have a Budget Wedding?