The Magic of Melukote

A temple town dotted with stone arches, water tanks and monuments that reflect a rich past, Melukote is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. If there is one thing I must thank the pandemic for, it would have to be discovering Karnataka, my home state. And one such charming destination located 150 km from… Read More The Magic of Melukote

Architectural Digest

Ayatana Coorg

A space that embodies serenity in the lap of nature, Ayatana Resort, Coorg is the perfect antidote to the chaos of urban life, especially in the age of the coronavirus. A resort that blends traditional Indian heritage with the beauty of nature, Ayatana Resort, Coorg is set amidst 100 acres of lush landscapes that makes… Read More Ayatana Coorg

The National News

Kinnal Art – keeping the tradition alive

Santoshkumar Chitragar, a craftsman from Kinnal is using the power of social media, especially Instagram to keep his craft relevant. A craft form that enjoyed the patronage from the royal Vijayanagara Empire and the Nawab of Koppal as well. The artists belong to a community called Chitragars and essentially make figurines of gods and goddesses.… Read More Kinnal Art – keeping the tradition alive

Passion Passport

In the footsteps of Aghanashini River

A free-flowing river whose course has never been altered by manual intervention and in its path lies stories of life and hope. Aghanashini is a small village on the southern bank of Aghanashini River in Kumta taluka of Uttar Kannada district in Karnataka. Shankara Honda in Sirsi, a small village set amidst the UNESCO World… Read More In the footsteps of Aghanashini River

Seema Magazine

Kodiyala Weaves Revival

The Kodiyala weaves that once enjoyed royal patronage are seeing a revival courtesy the efforts of a project called Hosa Arambha. It was a newspaper clip many years ago that had me drive into narrow dusty roads off the Bangalore-Mysore highway to look for a village called Kodiyala. My interest was piqued as this was… Read More Kodiyala Weaves Revival

The New Indian Express

Gulur and Kaidala Travelogue

Gulur and Kaidala in Karnataka are lesser known in the tourist circuit which makes a visit here a charming discovery. Driving through Karnataka’s countryside is a joy because you can experience the beauty of nature in its pristine form. The 75 kilometer stretch from Bengaluru to Gulur is a breeze not just courtesy the excellent… Read More Gulur and Kaidala Travelogue

The New Indian Express

Mysore Pak – the story

The legendary Mysore Pak of Mysore has a royal connection with its origins in the palace kitchen over 100 years ago. A small motley crowd had already gathered at the hole-in-the-wall store in the bustling Devaraja Market in Mysore. Notwithstanding, I reach out my hand to be given a hot piece of Mysore Pak on… Read More Mysore Pak – the story

The New Indian Express

Talakadu Travelogue

The temples of Talakadu a tiny town near Mysore has fascinating stories from the past that are an intricate part of its fabric. “Do you know that Talakadu has many cashew trees?” This was a question my cousin asked me many moons ago explaining that this was a place where the cashew trees were strewn… Read More Talakadu Travelogue


Ganesha at Gulur

At Gulur village, the God of auspicious beginnings Ganesha is celebrated in many ways. It was a casual conversation with my mother who recalled a school trip to Gulur that actually piqued my interest. Soon enough we were on our way to Gulur in Tumkur district. A smooth journey the 75 odd kilometer trip was… Read More Ganesha at Gulur


Kabini – Photo Essay

The beautiful jungles of Kabini and Nagarhole give you a great insight into the wild side of Karnataka. What makes this jungle unique is that it sees the largest conglomeration of Asiatic elephants – over 1400 of them who come together from other jungles in summer in search of water. Kabini is also the jungle… Read More Kabini – Photo Essay