Architectural Digest

Decorate Your Foyer

The foyer is the entrance to your home and the way it is done up make or break the initial impression of your home. We tell you how you can do up the foyer using five ways so that your home décor makes for a compellingly personal statement. Functional storage Light fixtures Rugs Mirrors Adding… Read More Decorate Your Foyer

Bangalore Mirror

Sanjay Bhat Interview

Sanjay Bhat is a Creative Director with an advertising agency but it his hobby of upcycling products to make lamps through his appropriately titled venture End of the Tunnel. What would you do with a piece of wooden log, an old shoe last, an old air drill, a defunct camera, a cycle handle and an… Read More Sanjay Bhat Interview

Sakal Times

Diwali Lights in Home Decor

This Diwali make the perfect excuse to bring light into your life – whether it is in the form of lamp shades, light fixtures, diyas, traditional lamps or candles. ‘Light attracts light’ ~ Warsan Shire. It is the season of all things bright and all things light. Well it is Diwali and the time of… Read More Diwali Lights in Home Decor