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Review of MGM Cotai

The opulent and luxurious MGM Cotai, the latest addition to the MGM’s portfolio in China and the integrated resort is a seamless mélange of art, entertainment, food cutting edge technology and hospitality. The resort built with a staggering investment of US$3.4 billion, the exterior façade of the imposing MGM Cotai is in three shades of… Read More Review of MGM Cotai


Fabelle Master Chocolatiers – Decoding Chocolates

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.” ~ Jo Brand A dessert that is loved universally is chocolate, well at least by most people. And when it is a good quality chocolate made with quality ingredients, your chocolate experience is elevated several notches higher. Commemorating the spirit of freedom this Independence Day by unveiling… Read More Fabelle Master Chocolatiers – Decoding Chocolates

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine UK

Hotel Review: LUX* Saint Gilles on Reunion Island

What do you look for in a holiday? A space to relax, rest and rejuvenate? Well, if this is what you want and would like all of this on a beach front at an exotic destination, welcome to LUX* Saint Gilles, Reunion Island. An elegant beach resort with exclusive views of the coral-sheltered lagoon at… Read More Hotel Review: LUX* Saint Gilles on Reunion Island


Second Hand Luxury Clothing

What do Envoged, Zapyle, Luxepolis, Confidential Couture, Elanic, Spoyl, Refashion, Rebagg, Poshmark and Tradesy have in common? Well if that question foxed you, the answer is simple. These are all platforms that deal with used luxury products. Picture this. You love branded products but not the price it comes at. So if there was a… Read More Second Hand Luxury Clothing

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Architecture as an USP in luxury realty

A buzz word that has been doing the rounds in the realty sector is ‘luxury’. From over the top features to world class amenities, realtors are pulling out all stops to add the ‘luxe’ factor to their projects. A relatively less publicised element however is the architecture of these buildings. From sky bridges to state… Read More Architecture as an USP in luxury realty

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Svatma – review of a heritage stay

Heritage Calling If you are a lover of all things related to heritage and culture, then a visit to Svatma – Thanjavur’s (or Tanjore’s) first luxury heritage property is a must. Literally meaning ‘Ones’ Own Soul’, this is the city’s first every luxury property that promises to take you on a journey of discovering arts,… Read More Svatma – review of a heritage stay

Millionaire Asia

Stories in Millionaire Asia

Millionaireasia India celebrates the lifestyle of the radiant millionaires and caters to ever evolving HNIs. Here are some of my stories:                Cover Story – Ananya Birla             Cover Story – Gitanjali Kirloskar My listing of the world’s most luxurious experiences is in the Jun-Jul… Read More Stories in Millionaire Asia