The Hindu

Mystical Mandu

Located 90 kms from Indore, Mandu stands a mute spectator to the eternal love story of Baz Bahadur and Rani Rupamati. The 16th century legendary romance of Rani Rupamati and Baz Bahadur is what this town is best known for. A local lore says that Narmada was so impressed by Rupamati’s devotion towards her, that… Read More Mystical Mandu

The New Indian Express

Royal Revival of Crafts

Descendants of erstwhile royal families are taking up the mantle of giving dying handicrafts and handlooms a much-needed fillip through their patronage. Aimed at protecting, preserving and promoting the city’s heritage be it tangible and intangible or cultural and natural, royal descendants are doing their bit to ensure dying crafts are revived and here are… Read More Royal Revival of Crafts

The Hans India

Pench Travelogue

There is more to Pench in Madhya Pradesh than its jungles and this is what adds to its infinite charm. “Welcome to the setting of Rudyard Kipling’s the Jungle Book,” said my host as he welcomed me to Pench. For the uninitiated, Pench is the setting of this famous book and the forest here was… Read More Pench Travelogue


Bhopal’s Begum History

The Begums of Bhopal make the city what it is which is a medley of sights and sounds like no other. The first time I heard of Bhopal was as a child when the unfortunate gas tragedy happened. Even though I understood very little of what had happened, it somehow remained with me as something… Read More Bhopal’s Begum History

Spice Route

Madhya Pradesh

The state of Madhya Pradesh is making rapid strides in the fields of education, health, tourism and industry.  Tourism Shots Madhya Pradesh is home to three World Heritage Sites – Khajuraho, Sanchi and Bhimbetka, six Tiger reserves Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna, Satpura and Sanjay dubri, two Jyotirlings at Ujjain and Omkareshwar, Bhedaghat a Natural heritage… Read More Madhya Pradesh

Malayala Manorama

Jabalpur Travel Guide

The name Jabalpur comes from Jabal meaning rock and Pur meaning city. So that means Jabalpur is Rock City. Well until I visited the third largest city in Madhya Pradesh, I had no idea about why the city was called as such but on a recent visit I was surprised to know that this city… Read More Jabalpur Travel Guide


Review of Kohka Wilderness Camp

Which is your favourite kind of holiday? Well mine is definitely seeing wildlife as I believe that going into the jungles is a matter of fortune. When I recently received an invitation to experience the Kohka Wilderness Camp, I did not think twice before saying yes and looking back, it has certainly been among my… Read More Review of Kohka Wilderness Camp