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Recipe: Alphonso Mango Cremeux With Wild Berries

A dessert with the goodness of seasonal fruits is always a winner and never goes wrong as it is both visually appealing and healthy. Rich in iron, the Alphonso mango is great for people with anemia as well as for pregnant women who need additional iron support. Interestingly the name of this variant comes from… Read More Recipe: Alphonso Mango Cremeux With Wild Berries

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Aam Ka Murabba

A fruit preserve, this is a recipe that uses mangoes and is packed with several health benefits too. Mangoes have many kinds of carotenoids, vitamins like A and C which aid in boosting the immune system. Mango also has the benefit of controlling cholesterol levels and the pectin, vitamin C, and fibers in Mango Murabba… Read More Aam Ka Murabba

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Mango Whisperer

Syed Ghani Khan’s mango orchard set amidst his paddy farm is a one of its kind organic space that has a whopping 119 varieties of mangoes. Kirugavalu in Malavalli Taluk of Mandya District, Karnataka is home to farmer Syed Ghani Khan’s 16-acre paddy farm that has about 119 varieties of mangoes. Some of the mangoes… Read More Mango Whisperer

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No-Bake Mango Cheesecake

The Internet is full of mango cheesecake recipes and I tried making one without the desired success. That is when I came across a recipe by Sampada (Instagram: @thesoultreat) that was so simple that I had to try it. It uses just five ingredients and no cream cheese, no gelatin, no agar agar and is… Read More No-Bake Mango Cheesecake

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The taste of Raw Mango

With the parting of the winter clouds, it is once again time for summer and arguably the best part of summer – mangoes. Come summer and the one thing that you can look forward to is mangoes especially the raw mango that is a great addition to the menu. While known for being a great… Read More The taste of Raw Mango


SodaBottleOpenerWala’s Mango Menu Keri Nu Kraze

The one thing that I love about summer (otherwise my least favourite time of the year) is mangoes. Naturally when I was invited to check out a special Mango menu at SodaBottleOpenerWala at Lavelle Road in Bangalore aptly ‘Keri Nu Kraze’ my interest was piqued. Located at one corner of the upscale Lavelle Road, the restaurant’s… Read More SodaBottleOpenerWala’s Mango Menu Keri Nu Kraze

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Mood for Mango

If there is one thing that is refreshing about the summer, it has to be the mango. Well it has an apt moniker, king of fruits and we tell you how you can incorporate it into your summer diet. What makes mangoes interesting is the fact that there are several ways to use the fruit… Read More Mood for Mango


Mango Masti Food Festival At My Fortune Bengaluru

A selection of mango inspired dishes at the festival My favourite fruit is the mango and when I received an invite to attend the Summer Delight Mango Festival at My Fortune Bengaluru, I did not think twice before saying yes. And trusting my instincts has much to do with the fact that the very able team of chefs… Read More Mango Masti Food Festival At My Fortune Bengaluru