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Royal Revival of Crafts

Descendants of erstwhile royal families are taking up the mantle of giving dying handicrafts and handlooms a much-needed fillip through their patronage. Aimed at protecting, preserving and promoting the city’s heritage be it tangible and intangible or cultural and natural, royal descendants are doing their bit to ensure dying crafts are revived and here are… Read More Royal Revival of Crafts

The New Indian Express

Nostalgia – Painting Preservation & Food

Nostalgia means different things to different people but at the core of it lies memories that always bring a smile to your face. Painting Preservation The Conservation Laboratory at The City Palace Museum, Udaipur is seeing a team working on ‘Paintings on paper’. The project that the conservators are currently working has restored about 22… Read More Nostalgia – Painting Preservation & Food

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Exotic Plates

The Good Life is not about expensive holidays, jewellery and accessories but also about good food that comes with rarest ingredients and a price to match. On a balmy winter evening in the backdrop of Udaipur’s stunning City Palace, I headed to the in house restaurant Palki Khana. The restaurant here serves some of the… Read More Exotic Plates