Deccan Chronicle

Celebrity Mothers

Celebrity mothers often credited as the force behind their famous children, lead lives that are less ordinary. Mothers as the silent support system of children is something that is unquestionable. When it comes to celebrities this is no different. However, these mom’s also have a life that is their own. Maye Musk (Elon Musk’s mother)… Read More Celebrity Mothers

New Woman

Celebrating the Mother Daughter Bond

If you ask anyone who is the most important person in their lives, it is very likely they will answer that it is their mother. The importance of a mother can hardly be over emphasized as is the relationship between a mother and daughter. While Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 13), we… Read More Celebrating the Mother Daughter Bond

Sunday Herald

Interview with actress Priyanka Upendra

“The script should be the hero” She is one of the rare actresses who have continued working in movies after her marriage, managing her home, family and children with a rare aplomb. She is the wife of superstar actor Upendra and yet manages to hold her own ground. Catching up with Priyanka Upendra, I also… Read More Interview with actress Priyanka Upendra