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Music in the Metaverse

Music is getting a tech twist as it enters the metaverse and it promises to be a win-win for both the musicians and their fans. Music in the metaverse is like grooving with your favorite musician in real time and experiencing music socially. After all, social media has become an intrinsic part of modern-day life… Read More Music in the Metaverse

Music Plus

Music NFTs Get a Fillip

India’s first fully curated Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, Jupiter Meta has several aces up its sleeve including the release of India’s first music NFTs. As the world increasingly goes digital, music is not far behind, NFTs or non-fungible tokens are now being used by musicians to launch their work and sell them directly to their… Read More Music NFTs Get a Fillip

The New Indian Express

Pt. Sajan Misra Ode to Classical Music

Pandit Rajan & Pandit Sajan Misra are names that need no introduction in the world of Indian Classical music but with Pandit Rajan’s demise, Pandit Sajan vows to continue their formidable legacy. On 26th April, classical singer Rajan Misra passed away at the age of 70 in Delhi due to COVID-19 related complications. His death… Read More Pt. Sajan Misra Ode to Classical Music

Seema Magazine

Kadence: On a Musical Mission

Kadence, India’s leading musical instrument brand has not just made inroads into the United States of America but is hoping to be available in six more countries in 2021. The company was started by Siddhartha Jhunjhunwala, Director and Founder to fill the gap in the market for musical instruments in India to make them affordable… Read More Kadence: On a Musical Mission

Deccan Chronicle

Dheel De Bengaluru

You learn. You have fun. You learn AND have fun. There is no downside. Sounds like something you want to do? Well, then head to Dheel De, a workshop that keeps introspection and fun at its core conducted by Bindiya Vaid. This is the first time Dheel De is happening in Bengaluru, having been held… Read More Dheel De Bengaluru

Deccan Chronicle

Red Earth and Pouring Rain

What happens when a classically trained Carnatic vocalist with a guitarist who likes playing progressive rock? Well, welcome to the sounds of Red Earth and Pouring Rain. Make no mistake, this is not the namesake book but a musical duo from Bangalore featuring Harini Iyer on vocals and Abhijit Nath on guitar. The duo focuses… Read More Red Earth and Pouring Rain

Bangalore Mirror

Interview with Avril Quadros

Avril Quadros is a certified Empath who has overcome numerous challenges in her life with a rare fortitude that is an ode to the triumph of the human spirit. Growing up in Mumbai, Avril’s childhood was filled with music as her father was an opera singer and her mother was a rock and roll singer.… Read More Interview with Avril Quadros

Deccan Chronicle

Bengaluru International Arts Festival 2019 (BIAF)

The 12th edition of Bengaluru International Arts Festival 2019 (BIAF) is all things music with an ecological twist. The city’s largest acclaimed festival is now celebrating its 12th year and is now focuses on ‘Celebration of Harmony through Arts’. The shows have been curated with a lot of thought and have a mix of artists… Read More Bengaluru International Arts Festival 2019 (BIAF)

Deccan Chronicle

ibis Music in association with Sony Music presents Peepal Tree

If your idea of a Friday night is all things music, you will love this gig. Peepal Tree is a Bengaluru based band whose original members – Praveen, Tony, Willy and Sujay have been performing for almost 20 years out of which they have spent a great deal of time performing together in different bands… Read More ibis Music in association with Sony Music presents Peepal Tree

Sakal Times

The Unplugged Project – Interview

Delhi Band ‘The Unplugged Project’ is all things happy music and are known for their weird cool medleys and mash-ups as for their original numbers. Till date the band has staged over 800 gigs across the globe and has ensured the audience is engaged while they have fun as well. They tell us more in… Read More The Unplugged Project – Interview