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Ben&Flow presents Aathma Live

This weekend it is time to put your dancing shoes and shake a leg at regional and Bollywood music as Aathma is back with a whole new set and a whole new experience. Started as a college band, Aathma’s mission has been to spread the happier aspect of music into people’s hearts. With dynamic stage… Read More Ben&Flow presents Aathma Live

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Review of The Courtyard, Bengaluru

Creativity Unlimited The Courtyard is the space where culture and creative expression are given wings. As a city that merges the contemporary with the traditional, Bengaluru is a hands down winner. And making this possible in its own way is an interactive space located in the midst of the city that is slowly but surely… Read More Review of The Courtyard, Bengaluru

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Parekh & Singh

The Musical Duo Pop music that is as un-Indian as you think, yes it is possible and this is something that Indian dream-pop duo Parekh & Singh are known for. Staying clear of typical sounds that dominate the Indian music scene, the Kolkata based duo has made a mark for themselves since the release of… Read More Parekh & Singh

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Haiku Like Imagination’s ‘Eat Lead Motherbuzzer’

This weekend is all set to give you a add a rock music edge courtesy Fandom that will be presenting Haiku Like Imagination’s ‘Eat Lead Motherbuzzer’ new album launch with an opening set by Stuck in November. Haiku-Like Imagination is a five piece rock band based in Bengaluru that was started about a year and… Read More Haiku Like Imagination’s ‘Eat Lead Motherbuzzer’

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Musical tribute to Acharya Pandit Bimalendu Mukherjee

When she famously sang ‘Ab Ke Sawan Aise Barse’ many years back, I almost felt it would invoke rain instantly thanks to her powerful vocals. That is Shuba Mudgal for you, who is all set to enthrall the denizens of Bengaluru with her Hindustani music repertoire once again this weekend. And this time there will… Read More Musical tribute to Acharya Pandit Bimalendu Mukherjee

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Schmooze with Goos

Goos is bringing his popular radio show ‘Journey on Tour’ for the first time to Bangalore at Puma Shuffle. The name Guha Bharadwaj may not strike a chord immediately but say Goos and you are probably tapping your toes to the thoughts of his lilting music. Born in Doha Qatar to musically inclined parents who… Read More Schmooze with Goos

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Indian Music Experience Museum

The Sound of Music India’s first interactive music museum, The Indian Music Experience (IME) is an ode to all things music. Daler Mehndi’s shiny blue velvet robe jostles for space with Long play records as do Mahatma Gandhi’s letter with a large collection of rare musical instruments. In fact music reverberates from every corner of… Read More Indian Music Experience Museum

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15th Annual Music and Dance Festival of The Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha

The 15th Annual Music and Dance Festival of The Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha (ISS) will be held between the 26th and 31st January and is a mélange of all this music and dance. Started in January 1986 as a Cultural and Educational Trust, the Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha has the primary objective of promoting Indian Classical music… Read More 15th Annual Music and Dance Festival of The Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha

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Indian Youth Symphony by Bhoomija

Bhoomija presents Indian Youth Symphony directed by Pravin Godkhindi and S Surendranath an ode to the journey of the River Kaveri. There is an alluring quality about rivers that is best experienced when you see it for yourself. And when this is captured musically it can elevate the experience to another level. And this is… Read More Indian Youth Symphony by Bhoomija

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‘Chinnadevi – The Elusive Dancer’

‘Chinnadevi – The Elusive Dancer’ is a performance that tells an untold historical, fictional love story of a dancer and the emperor through dance, music and storytelling. Set in the 15th century, Chinnadevi: The Elusive Dancer is a love story of Prince Krishna Deva Raya and Chinnadevi who however part tragically and spend half of… Read More ‘Chinnadevi – The Elusive Dancer’