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Apparel Goes Green

As ethical clothing take center stage, designers are looking for newer and better ways to adopt ecofriendly fabrics in their creations. In a country like India ecofriendly fabrics have always been part of the realm of regular life courtesy khadi a symbol of Indian textile heritage, easily the most organic fabric one could know. Ethical… Read More Apparel Goes Green

Deccan Chronicle

The Sarjapur Fest – Organic Edition

The Sarjapur Fest – Organic Edition is here and it is well, all things organic and folk – a culture mix like no other. The Sarjapur Fest celebrates a healthy spirit of collaboration among the F&B brands in Sarjapur. Under the umbrella of NRAI (National Restaurants Association of India), it seeks to present the collective… Read More The Sarjapur Fest – Organic Edition


Neemli Naturals Product Review

With the plethora of organic skin care brands that have flooded the market, there is always a concern as to which one is good for you. However, the best way to answer this is to try it for yourself. This is why I decided to try out two products from the skin care range of… Read More Neemli Naturals Product Review


Healthy Recipes with Phalada Pure & Sure

Phalada Pure & Sure is a brand based in Bengaluru that has its heart in the right place. Well for one it has a whole range of organic products that are good for you and good for the planet being sourced from the source. Their range of products is extensive and includes Spices & Masalas, Pulses,… Read More Healthy Recipes with Phalada Pure & Sure

The Tribune

Artisan Chocolates in India

Artisan chocolates are the new rage in India as chocolates go all out to be organic, vegan all things exotic. What do Black Sesame, Sea Salt Caramel, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rosemary, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Blueberries, Mango, Red Capsicum and Chilli have in common? Well that might sound like a googly considering the diverse nature of… Read More Artisan Chocolates in India

Spice Route

Chocolate Tours from Bean To Bar

A chocolate tour is the best way to understand what goes into making arguably one of the most loved of all foods. And at Pondicherry Mason and Co does just that with an organic twist. “Chocolate is the first luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it: Deliciousness in the moment, childhood memories… Read More Chocolate Tours from Bean To Bar

Sakal Times

Your Guide to Organic Milk

Milk it Right As adulteration in milk has reached unimaginable proportions, all is not lost as there are conscientious entrepreneurs who are turning to organic milk that is both healthy and safe. For the uninitiated, organic milk means is nothing but pure and untouched milk to which nothing is added and nothing is removed. What… Read More Your Guide to Organic Milk


RAS Luxury Oils

An invitation to experience a premium luxury oil based product is hard to turn down and when I met the young entrepreneur behind the RAS Luxury Oils brand I knew this was an afternoon well spent at Blown Salon in Lavelle Road in Bangalore. RAS Luxury Oils is headquartered in Raipur and offers a range… Read More RAS Luxury Oils


Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle – Go Native

If there is one buzzword that has meaning each day it is the environment – well we have only one. Fortunately today there are several ways when you can make a choice towards taking the right step to be ecologically sensitive. Again, these choices are not just limited to food but also apparel as well… Read More Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle – Go Native


Review of Kohka Wilderness Camp

Which is your favourite kind of holiday? Well mine is definitely seeing wildlife as I believe that going into the jungles is a matter of fortune. When I recently received an invitation to experience the Kohka Wilderness Camp, I did not think twice before saying yes and looking back, it has certainly been among my… Read More Review of Kohka Wilderness Camp