Healthy Sweet Tooth Indulgences

With the festive season in full swing, make the healthy choice by switching to desserts that not just satiate your dessert cravings but also do not pile up the calories. It is that time of the year when festivities are in the air and this is the time when cheat meals come to the forefront.… Read More Healthy Sweet Tooth Indulgences

Deccan Chronicle

‘A Mythical Equation’ by Tangerine Art Space

Soak in Folk ‘A Mythical Equation’ by Tangerine Art Space an exhibition of indigenous, tribal and folk art is all things folk. If there is one element that can change the look of a space from drab to fab it has to be art. And when it is folk art it also adds a dimension… Read More ‘A Mythical Equation’ by Tangerine Art Space

Hotelier India

Sound Systems in Hotels

Good quality audio systems in hotels whether in open spaces or guest rooms is a sure shot way to augment the overall guest experience. If there is one thing that you immediately notice is sound and especially when you are in a hotel. Soothing music for instance can immediately transport you into another world and… Read More Sound Systems in Hotels