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Gastronomic Singapore

Food is a great way to understand a city’s ethos. And when this as diverse as a mix of Indian, Malay, Chinese and Peranakan cultures like in Singapore, you are sure to experience food coma. With an array of choices that range from street food, high end Michelin star restaurants to authentic local fare, Singapore… Read More Gastronomic Singapore

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Tiong Bahru Singapore

Think Singapore and you probably envision glitzy buildings and a fast paced modern city with urban lifestyles. Well, while this is true, this is also a city that also has many unknown aspects that are quite the opposite of clichéd references that one tends to associate with the ‘Lion City’. So in my quest to… Read More Tiong Bahru Singapore


Exploring Singapore

The sobriquet of Little Red Dot may be often associated with Singapore but a visit to this city and country reveals that there is nothing little here. If there was a city that could be described as perfect, Singapore could win hands down and it is no wonder that the Singaporean passport is the most… Read More Exploring Singapore


Live Your Dream Aboard Genting Dream Cruiseliner

Can you imagine a mermaid falling in love with an astronaut? Well seems improbable right? But this is exactly what you can see aboard the luxury cruise liner Genting Dream. Okay to put things in perspective this is what I saw in the stunning and visually grand show ‘The Voyage Of A Lover’s Dream’. This… Read More Live Your Dream Aboard Genting Dream Cruiseliner

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On a song in Singapore

The sight in front of me is bewitching. I am gazing at a burst of pink that morphs into varied patterns and swirls and twirls like a ballet dancer. Making a stunning sight in the massive water case, the jelly fish has everyone riveted on the spot clicking pictures like there is no tomorrow. I… Read More On a song in Singapore

Malayala Manorama

Singapore Calling

“Do you know that a Singaporean does not need a visa to travel anywhere in the world?” This is what our guide Josephine said when she was introducing Singapore to us. It was my first visit to the world’s only island city, state and country and I was amazed by it even before I landed.… Read More Singapore Calling


Cruising with the Mariner of the Seas

One of my earliest experiential travel stories was about cruising as an option for honeymooners. I distinctly remember that I had got in touch with several cruise companies including Royal Caribbean for the same. And many years later, I got an opportunity to take my first cruise with Royal Caribbean courtesy Singapore Tourism Board and… Read More Cruising with the Mariner of the Seas


Singapore Airlines – Ruchi Thali

Singapore Airlines – Ruchi Thali One of the best airlines and airports according to me is Singapore Airlines and Singapore airport. I was recently invited to try a new traditional, Indian set meal called the Ruchi Thali that the airline has launched for its Business Class passengers travelling between India and Singapore. The best part is… Read More Singapore Airlines – Ruchi Thali